Come raid with us!Drakes

Forsaken Enlightenment loves to raid, and when we do we take it seriously, we have a wealth of Raiding talent built into our 25 man team and we aim to compete with the top 10, 25 man raiding Guilds on the server. In Wrath of the Lich King we achieved realm 13th (not unlucky for us!) and 11/12 heroic 10 man ICC and 9/12 heroic 25 man ICC before we took our raiding break to prepare for the expansion.

We have cleared all content pre nerf and are currently working on Dragonsoul heroic modes.

Our raiding times are:

Wednesday:     20:00 to 23:00 game time
Sunday:           20:00 to 23:00 game time
Monday:          20:00 to 23:00 game time

We do not have minimum raid attendance but priority is given to those that sign for all nights, we also use EPGP for this raid which you can read more about here.

Trial members are expected to have 100% raid attendance during there trial period.

What we want

We are looking for mature raiders (in personality rather than age!) that can handle a raid environment where every player is responsible for the raid's success. We do not tolerate moaning or finger pointing and you must accept you will be swiftly bought into line if this happens.

Also if your performance is sub-par for some reason, you shouldn't need someone else to tell you to shape up or have to be explained what you're doing wrong and how to fix it, using your brain, reading the WoW logs and striving to be the best player possible is what it is all about.
In the end we play this game for fun and if we can't have a giggle along the way why do we bother to play? We don’t expect you to be made of stone but it is important you can take criticism at face value and accept your own mistakes and move on. Our raids are always good fun but the aim is to kill shit!

What you need

Raiders are required to have Ventrilo and a microphone in order to communicate with each other during some of the more difficult encounters. Even if you can’t speak it is advisable to be able to listen to the raid leaders instructions.

Omen, deadly boss mods and EPGP lootmaster are all required to be a part of our raid group.