Guild Management

The Guildmaster, Tethane, is ultimately responsible for all final decisions regarding the guild, and is responsible for insuring that all of the tenets in the Guild Charter are adhered to by all members. Guild Officers are assigned by the Guildmaster to perform broad ranging duties as defined by the Guildmaster.

Guild Officers

Officers are assigned by the Guildmaster to independently perform specific duties as directed. Officers do not have authority over guild decisions except in the areas they are specifically assigned.

Guild Server and Faction

Forsaken Enlightenment is an Alliance faction guild, and all members are required to maintain their primary Alliance characters on the Emerald Dream server. Membership in other guilds by alternate characters is not permitted without specific permission from the Guildmaster.

Members may have alternate characters, including Horde characters, but must maintain regular play of their primary Alliance characters. The goal is to foster an online identity that is easily recognizable both in-game and on the forums.

Code of Conduct

All members must be kind, courteous, and refrain from use of profanity at all times. Offensive language, intentionally instigating other members or players, rude behaviour, etc, may result in disciplinary action up to and including the immediate termination of guild membership.

Never forget that you carry the Guild's name above your head at all times, conduct yourself in a manner which will earn respect from your fellow players, not contempt. Be proud of being in Forsaken Enlightenment and make those around you happy to see us. Be polite, both to Guildies and fellow travellers. Be a nice person - Don't spam, don't ninja-loot, don't kill steal, don't get caught up in abusive arguments and don't intentionally troll.

If a member feels that another member has behaved inappropriately, or has a grievance against another member for some reason, it should be discussed privately and resolved. If a member cannot or will not discuss the matter privately, they are required to speak with the Guildmaster or an officer who will then seek the advice of the Guildmaster and Officer team on how best to resolve the situation.

Publicly discussing a grievance, whether voice chat, guild chat or on the forums, is strictly prohibited. Failure to follow the guidelines in this paragraph is grounds for dismissal from the guild, at the discretion of the Guildmaster.

Priority must be given to guild members when creating groups, distributing extra items, etc, over non-members. All members are to be considered equal, regardless of rank or station within the guild.  While it is understandable that you would prefer to group with those you know well, remember that it is a violation of our Code of Conduct to behave in a fashion that does not consider the needs of others. Greed and self-interest are not appropriate attributes for our guild members.


Guild members are expected to participate in-game and on the forums regularly. This includes having a presence in Guild chat, while we understand Vent is a pleasant way to communicate, 10 people on Vent does not equal the entire Guild.

Any extended absences must be reported to the Guildmaster or an Officer and posted on the website forums as soon as you are aware of them. The guild management reserves the right to remove members who are inactive for too long (3 months +) "Participation in-game" as mentioned above entails spending the bulk of your in-game time grouped with other Forsaken Enlightenment members.

The Guild Bank

Forsaken Enlightenment will maintain the guild bank for the purpose of funding our crafters, expeditions, equipping members in need. All members are welcome to donate to the guild bank whenever it is convenient for them to do so. However, the Forsaken Enlightenment tradition of assisting fellow guild mates perseveres, and when a member requires capital to purchase items beneficial to the guild, all members are encouraged to contribute. Contributions for such instances will be coordinated by the Guild Master.

Guild Funds

The Guild maintains Guild funds. These are for funding of organised raids and repair funds, prize money, and anything else that benefits the Guild. The funds consist of old items from the guild bank having been sold as well as donations by our members. These funds are not available for loan to Guild members.

Withdrawals and donations

Withdrawals of items from the Guild bank should be paid for; we use half current auction house prices as a guideline.

If you are found to be withdrawing items for half AH price to sell, you will liable for replacement of the items plus your membership of the Guild will be reviewed.

Anyone wishing to donate money or equipment to the guild should use the ingame guild bank for this or send an ingame mail to an officer. If you choose the latter option, please make your intention clear. Donations are just that, items donated are for the use of your fellow Guild members or to be sold to fund Guild activities, please don't use the Guild bank for personal storage.

Ensure that items you donate are deposited in the correct bank tab, they all have descriptions to them. Please do not deposit junk items.

Application for Membership

All applicants must read, understand, and agree to follow all guidelines expressed in this document. All Applicants must fill out the membership application found here in it's entirely.

Membership Acceptance Policy

All applications will be reviewed by the Guildmaster and Officers to determine suitability to the guild. The applicant will either be accepted or declined via the Guild forums. At that time, the Applicant will participate in a two week evaluation period during which they will be invited to the guild as a trial. During that period you will be assessed on your general attitude and conduct. The Applicant's forum participation and in-game conduct weighs heavily in this process. The final decision regarding the admittance of an applicant rests with the Guildmaster.

If complaints or issues about a member are raised, the member will either be ejected from the guild, or the trial period will be extended by an additional two weeks, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Trial members should never ask for a promotion after two weeks is up; guild membership is bestowed and not demanded.


Applicants who's first attempt at membership is not successful may re-apply after 30 days have passed from the date their unsuccessful application. If the second application is not accepted, the member will no longer be eligible to apply for membership in Forsaken Enlightenment.

Members that are expelled from the guild for misconduct are not eligible for re-application. Members that leave the guild in good standing are eligible to re-apply, or at the Guildmaster's discretion, may be re-admitted without performing the application process.


1. All raids will be scheduled a week in advance via the in game calendar to give every member the opportunity to sign up.

2. When over-signs happen, the raid leader will decide on who to keep as stand-bye, depending on sign up status and raid balance, previous raiding behaviour, knowledge of the content we're facing, and previous performance. Whenever possible, the regular raiders will not be benched for 2 raids in a row (assuming the above conditions are close enough from one member to another). Lists will be completed the night before the raid. 

3. Standbys are expected to log on to cover any raid spots necessary from the raid invite time, those that are placed on standby but do not wish to be on to fill spots are expected to decline the standby spot and will not be eligible for any standby EP. Those that are listed as standby and do not decline or show up for the raid will be treated as a “no show” and receive -250 EP.

4. While in raid the leader will be the "one in charge" it is down to that person to ready check and let people know when all are ready, tanks should not go until they have had this go signal from the leader.

5. Do not give your own ideas/suggestions/opinions in raid chat unless the raid leader specifically asks for them. As leader they will already have tactics sorted.

6. Keep chat to a minimum and when the leader is giving instructions to people then be quiet and listen up, don’t jump in with "what am I tanking etc" everyone will be notified in time.

7. Make sure you are prepared beforehand for the raid with all necessary equipment, this does not mean get ready as you are invited to group.

8. At start of raid you will always be buffed so please there is no need for everyone to say "buff please" , the leader always checks that all in raid are buffed so there is no fear of anyone missing out.

9. No looting until all people are ressed, yes master looter is used but as we all know at times things can glitch so out of respect and manners do not loot till we know all are ressed and able to loot.

10. With EPGP raids please see the EPGP thread to understand how the loot is dealt with.

11. Do not sign for raids unless your character is geared for that raid, check WoW Heroes for rough idea but if still not sure then please ask in guild, this avoids disappointment then for not being chosen.

12. Read up on the encounter you have signed for, tankspot, wowwiki, thotbot etc are useful at times with detailed information. Occasionally if there is a different tactic we would be using then it will be posted on forum, make sure it is read.

13. Do not sign unless you are sure you can attend, if you cannot after you have signed then make sure you unsign at the earliest opportunity. Informing one of the officers, using an in game mail or the forum thread found here.

14. There is to be NO linking of damage meters in raid chat or guild chat,
if you want know know your healing/damage stats, download recount or /w the raid leader at the end of the raid and they will be /w back to you.


1. Do not pug guild scheduled raids, if it isn’t scheduled its fine, but always see if they have space for other Guild members that may want to go, advertise it in Guild chat and advise people who they should whisper if they also want to go.

2. No member under the Enlightened rank must organise a PuG Raid (PVE or PVP.) Please see here for more information.

3. If you want to do an instance/heroic advertise it in guild chat and if you receive no response you can knock yourself out in LFG!


1. Every member is expected to have an active forum account using his or her ingame name for their forum name (or as near as possible.)

2. Every Guild member is asked to claim there characters to there forum account which can be done via your personal account page.

3. No spamming or trolling will be tolerated.

4. Before asking a question, search through the forum to make sure it has not already been asked and answered. This will avoid you getting scolded. Duplicate posts will be deleted.

5. Be respectful to other site members. Rude remarks will only get rude responses, which will all only get deleted, so it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

6. Be respectful to those that try to help you. We do our best to help people with questions, but don’t be solely reliant upon us answering questions. The best way to learn something is to seek out the answers to your own questions. Use us as guides, not a Magic 8 ball.

7. The forums are your melting pot, anything and everything World of Warcraft and Guild related goes, however guild meetings for multiple players to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the Guildmaster or Officers are to be at the request of Guild members directly to the Guildmaster, so that everyone that maybe interested can attend.

Other Administration

The Guildmaster of Forsaken Enlightenment reserves the right to modify this charter at any time, and take corrective actions required for the benefit of the guild as a whole that may not be specifically expressed in this document.