About our Social side


Although Forsaken Enlightenment have a heavy raiding presence we also have a great social side (although sometimes we have to be excused for being a little quiet whilst wiping on something big and ugly!)

We have members from all over the world, of all ages, races and creeds, we are incredibly tolerant and love to spend time together whether it be in heroics or our PVP team battling against the Horde whilst enjoying a few beers on Saturdays nights.

We refer to each other by our actual names rather than character name to foster a sense of community within the Guild and to remind players there are people behind those pixels!

It's a very mixed bunch. Some are new to the game and still learning the ropes and some are more interested in PvP or levelling alts while others want to raid and progress with friends, I think we cater for them all.

Guild events

Apart from the obvious groupings for old school raids and acheivement runs we hold various social events during the year, the two main ones being our Guild birthday event in March and our Annual Guild awards in November. Both are super ways to group up with other members, have some fun and win some prizes!


Guild meet up

Guild meet ups

We also have an Annual Guild meet up in real life where members from all over the world desend on our chosen location for beer, beer, and more beer (and normally some dancing and perhaps vodka.)

Occasionally we will do spur of the moment drinkies if someone just happens to be in London for work, it's all about building something that’s stronger than pixels!


We are very proud of the community we have fostered of the Emerald Dream server therefore every member is held responsible for the Guilds reputation so no funny business, you have been warned!