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re: EPGP how and why? All you need to know

Forsaken Enlightenment uses the EPGP system of looting in its 25 man raids.


EPGP stands for an Effort Points/Gear Points system. Our EPGP has three aspects to it. Each aspect will be explained in further details below.

• Effort Points (EP) and Gear Points (GP) are awarded to raid members during a raid.
• Priority Rating (PR) is used to determine who gets loot and is based on the following formula: PR = EP / GP
• Decay and Penalty systems which affect your EP earned.


EP = Effort Points (Awarded for Participation)
GP = Gear Points (Loot Value)
PR = Priority Rating (Number used to determine who gets Loot)

Detailed explanation:

1. EPGP is only used for 25 man raids.

2. Effort Points (EP) are earned from raiding (100 EP per hour) and are awarded every 30 minutes. This begins at the raid start time. I will wait 5 minutes from when I press my invite raid button until the on time bonus EP is awarded. Those that are late/on alts/afk will not receive this first 50 EP.

19:50 (First award goes out) - 50
20:00 (Raid begins)
20:30 - 50
20:00 - 50
21:30 - 50
22:00 - 50
22:30 - 50
23:00 - 50
Total per raid - 350

There are also a number of other ways to receive EP.

50 EP - Farm boss kills
150 EP - New boss kills
10 EP - Wipes (implemented after a certain number have been reached)

And lose EP

-250 EP - Not showing up to a raid without notice
-50 EP - Unannounced AFK over 10 minutes

We will also be running time and a half EP for progression nights so each 30 mins you will receive 75 EP instead of 50.

3. Gear Points (GP) are awarded to you when you win drops. The amounts are fixed.

300 GP - Tier tokens
200 GP - Main spec items
200 GP - Minor upgrades
0 GP - Off spec items

4. Priority (PR) is given by PR=EP/GP. So as you put more effort in raiding your PR increases. As you win gear you PR drops.

5. The general priority for each drop is: Mainspec > Minor upgrade > Offspec > Pass.

When I loot the item this will appear on your screen, it’s as simple as hovering over the icon on the left to see all the item details and then pressing a button.

Forum Image

The person who selects main spec and has the highest PR will win the item. If no main spec the person with highest PR who has rolled minor upgrade will win. If neither have rolled then the person who has the highest PR for off spec will win.

You will have a one minute countdown (as visible on the looting bar) to make your selection, your first roll only will be taken and if you miss the countdown an item will not be re looted.

Other numbers:

6. Base GP is set at 100 (largely an arbitrary value, however the idea is to set it at a value equal to approximately the GP of a main spec item) that just means we are not dividing by 0. Everybody’s effective GP (what is used in the PR formula) is actually Base GP (100) + actual GP (GP of won items).

7. Minimum EP (for winning drops on main spec). We have set this at 1500 at the moment. Basically we want new members to raid with us for around 2 raids before having the option to win an item. This amount has already been awarded to every guild member.

8. At the start of each new raiding week everyone's EP AND GP are reduced by 10%. That is, the EP and GP decay over time, but PR stays the same, so the problem of "DKP hording" is not there. That is, this system is fairer on new members or members who raid less regularly.

9. Installing the addons:



Simply download each one and copy paste the folder from inside (i) and copy paste the folder "epgp_lootmaster" from inside (ii) [you do not need the "epgp_lootmaster_ml" folder] to your addons folder.

10. Being on Standby. This means that you are not in the raid but that you are available to replace someone if they have to leave the raid group for one reason or another. For being on standby you are awarded the same EP as someone who is actually in the raid!! So even though you miss out on drops, you still get rewarded for your efforts of being available to raid. The important point is that you have to take the responsibility of being on standby yourself by whispering the raid leader "epgp standby". You need to do this after each time EP are awarded (ie. each 1/2 hour you will see a guild chat message saying epgp is being awarded and you will be prompted to renew your name on the standby list).

You can still do other things while being on standby (instances, PvP, farming ... etc) but it means that you can finish up doing those things in a reasonably short space of time (like 10-15 min or so) if called up to raid.

If you are playing an ALT you can still stay on standby by whispering the raid leader "epgp standby Tethane" which means that your main who is on standby will receive the EP (insert your mains name not mine!)

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