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re: Template for your Guild application

We know this seems a lot of information to ask, and understand how tedious application processes can be, but everything is done for a reason.

We want to make sure FE is as good a fit for you as you are for us!

Please use the template provided and answer all questions thoroughly, spell check is your friend!

Forsaken Enlightenment is social raiding guild which means that we are looking for players who also want to start or who have already started their end game raiding experience.

We're not hard-core raiders so if you're searching for a casual raiding guild then we could be what you're looking for. We're focused on making good progress through the content, but we're also focused on enjoying our time in the game and with each other.

Questions for all applicants:

1. What is your name, age and location?

2. What is your characters name, level, class, spec and professions? Also list any alt's (please provide us with a link to your armoury.)

3. Why are you applying to Forsaken Enlightenment and what are your expectations from the guild?

4. Do you know any current Guild member and how did you hear about us?

5. What other guilds have you been in and why did you leave them? Do you currently have any other applications pending with other guilds?

6. Tell us what special qualities you will bring to Forsaken Enlightenment.

7. Are you interested in becoming a social or raiding member of Forsaken Enlightenment, if social thank you for your application, if raiding please complete the next section.

Questions for raiders only:

What is your raiding spec and your duel spec if you have one, which do you prefer to play and why?

How do you keep yourself up to date on the latest developments of your class? Do you visit any websites for this?

Comment on your talents and glyphs. Why did you choose them? What do you think of other builds of your class? Why didn't you choose one of those?

Do you have control of your own time i.e. if you sign and are selected for a raid can you guarantee (disasters and acts of god permitting) that you will be available until raid end time.

When are you usually available for raiding (specific days of the week and preferred hours) have you taken note of our raiding days and do they fit into your schedule?

What add-ons do you like to use for raids?

What raiding experience do you have and what role has this been in?

What raids do you believe you are geared for?

Have you tried and/or completed any raid achievements and hard modes? What do you think of them and would you like to try more in the future?

We require 100% signs for your trial period, will this be acceptable?

Some difficult scenarios

An Officer or fellow member offers you some advice on how to improve your play, be it through rotations, talents or gem and enchant suggestions, how do you feel?

An item that you desperately want drops you register your interest but the loot council awards it to another player as is it a bigger upgrade or their attendance has been better, how do you react?

In order to balance a raid for an encounter or because there are far to many signs the raidleader places you on standby for the second time running, but another member of your class is in the raid for the third time in a row. What do you do?

After a heavy night of raiding another member makes a comment about your performance which may not be called for, how do you react?

We are wiping..... all night...... getting the raid and the tactics right, your repair bill is going through the roof and not much progression is happening, how do you feel?

"My lumps my lumps my lovely Warlock humps, check em out!"

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