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re: Sedling, Shadow Priest, Social

1. What is your name, age and location?

Hey my name is Stephen, I'm 28 and live in Surrey, England.

2. What is your characters name, level, class, spec and professions? Also list any alt's (please provide us with a link to your armoury.)

My main's name is Sedling, lvl 90, a shadow priest. My professions on this toon are enchanting and tailoring.
Link -

Alts i have are Steviebaby (lvl 90 Ret. Paladin)
Sedgnar (lvl 90 SV Hunter)
Druidify (lvl 85 resto druid)
Sedpieface (lvl 43 arcane mage)
Sedlock (lvl 34 Affliction warlock)

I have two characters on the Horde side too and a few lower level alts i can give further information if required on my other alts.

3. Why are you applying to Forsaken Enlightenment and what are your expectations from the guild?

Having previously been in a very social guild, I enjoy the chat between members. Im looking for an enjoyable, friendly place where i can log after a rubbish day at work and unwind with others. As i said after parting from my previous guild i was looking for a new guild and saw your guild listed on a forum. I checked out the website and really enjoyed what i read so i hoped to be apart of it.

4. Do you know any current Guild member and how did you hear about us?

As i said i heard about the guild through a forum. I know one of your members called Jayden (Faoust). He was the person who first introduced me to WOW, so i blame him for my great addiction to this game

5. What other guilds have you been in and why did you leave them? Do you currently have any other applications pending with other guilds?

I began life on WOW with Horde Knightmare, however was very wet behind the ears and left the game for a period of time so was ultimately kicked from guild through absence, this was 2 years ago.

I then joined Who Us and have spent over 18 months with this guild and was an officer there. Unfortunately towards the end the guild really fell apart and i lost a lot of faith in it. I then took the decision to leave a couple of days ago. Unfortunately there are a few others that are doing the same.

I have no other applications to another guild.

6. Tell us what special qualities you will bring to Forsaken Enlightenment.

I like to think ill help whenever and however i can and enjoy a chat whenever im on. Spending time with my previous guild i regularly helped members with difficult quests or if somebody wanted to do some older content raiding i had no problems in helping. If i can help in anyway, I will Happy

7. Are you interested in becoming a social or raiding member of Forsaken Enlightenment, if social thank you for your application, if raiding please complete the next section.

Unfortunately as i work shifts as a manager of a restaurant i couldn't commit to being a raiding member, so i would like to apply just as a social. Maybe over time there could be some progression into raiding if my current situation at work changes but obviously that is something i would talk to the GM or an officer about if that situation arises.

I hope to hear from you soon and hopefully be apart of your guild Happy

Thanks for you time

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re: Sedling, Shadow Priest, Social

Nice app, give someone a whisper who is on for an invite Happy.

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