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re: next weeks raids

I will be putting up raids for Manday and sunday however i am in hospital on wednesday so cant make it

in the meantime can I ask all of you to help gear up our new tanks as they are our current weakness

after this weekend my focus will turn to recuting more people for 25 man content with the help of the officers

as we will be starting pretty much from scratch there will be a few emails and forum post regards main spec off spec again, im sorry for those of you that have filled out these on several occasions but its vital in order to push things forward

with that in mind once we have 2 tanks in place i will also appoint 2 back up tanks these poeple will have a tank spec as thier offspec and will be our goto guys when main tanks are on holiday ect

the drawback for them is that they will have to maintain tanking as thier second spec but the plus side is that they will get 1st dibs on the loot after the main tanks are geared

If you think that this is something you would be interested in doing please nominate yourself here or contact me in game

likewise the same may happen for healers however this is not as urgent.

also thier will be a review of people currently in the raider rank so that poeple who want to raid get the invites and people who dont want to raid dont get the invites


Curently there are no multiflask recipies for raiding at the moment so I ask prior to raiding you have 4 flasks for the evening for your main spec the repairs budget was increased not so long ago so although you pay out on flasks you get it back on repairs

(people playing out of spec may get assistance from the GB)

Gemming and Enchanting

Quite simply this is all dirt cheap (apart from top level wepon enchants) so even if you are still raiding in blues you will be expected to gem and enchant ALL of your gear the answer of "well im upgrading it soon" dosnt work for raids, The guild bank is FULL of gems and enchants that are there to be used so please use them.

at this point I would like to thank all those that have donated thier "cranks" to the guild bank your efforts make a huge difference.

see you in the raid


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re: next weeks raids

I know I am repeating what I have already shouted: why don't we group for LFR to gear our ppl quicker, even if not full 25 guild group? Would work at least once every week and there is a good chance to loot something better then iLvL 463 in heroics.
I have on Gologar all good enchants (new and old) in game right now, free for guildies with their mats for the equiped gear. Gordek (my DK alt) is JC and has all red gem recipes, and a few from the mixed colour ones in Pandaria, working to get the rest of them, but no new meta gem recipes from pandaria yet (world drops).
Healyg (another alt) is Alchemist and hass all recipes up to skill 600. Can craft the flasks (flask master) and pots for you, free with your mats.
I guess there is no excuse for any raiding soul to not be fully gemed and enchanted and not have the required flasks.
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