Greetings from your Guild Mistress Tethane Greetings!

Well here I am the trusty and somewhat mad GM of Forsaken Enlightenment, Tethane, tasked with introducing you to this wonderful Guild and the bunch of super people that make it such. You wont see me listing boss kills as a prime reason for joining, but I suspect if you have got this far you will realise how amazing the bunch of people that make up this Guild truly are and how FE is so much more than a social Guild.... that raids....socially....

FE for me is a family, a community,  every member in it I have a personal interest in, they invest in the Guild and I want to ensure they get the best gaming experience possible. We have those funny but slightly perverse Uncles, annoying little Brothers, raging Cousins, helpful big Sisters and slightly dominating alpha males. You all know who you are!

I have been with FE through thick and thin and its leader for around three years, in that time Forsaken Enlightenment has morphed through size and progression, members coming and going, drama and happy days, everything! And I have realised that through each transition I find another group of people that commit to who we are and what we do contributing fully to the Guild, making it the success and the home it has become for so many.

No backstabbers, drama queens, loot ladies of the night or guild hoppers wanted or tolerated. If you are any of these please /shoo. Thank you for your interest in Forsaken Enlightenment!